my trusty Laney GH50L - simple, sturdy and a great sound and not to many knobs!

I really love this one, its simple enough for me and has a great sound with enough punch, muscles and cutting heights and you can really crank it up, which makes it sound better. I don´t really like the fizzlegrizzle some other famous high gain amps deliver. I think this isn´t the kind of amp which plays itself but thats a good thing as this makes you work for your tone. I get clean sounds mostly with the guitar volume knob, this gives me not a crystal clean sound but i like the warmth of it.

Peavey V-Type Ltd. Ed.

I got this guitar through Milan Polak, who was endorsed by Peavey back then, have a 2nd one in red, they are not very expensive but play great. Nice feature is the neck-thru construction. As far as i know, they are not build anymore and very seldom pop up at ebay. I hope this is a good sign! I really like the violin like cut-aways ( i believe the V stands for Vandenberg, the Whitesnake guitarist who played a similar model in the 80ies)


7-string Schecter Hellraiser


actual pedalboard

Simple setup: boss tuner – crybaby – tubescreamer in front of the amp. In the FX-chain just a mxr booster and the memory man delay. I love my tubescreamer, its not a vintage one, just a new one out of the box. This pedal is a secret weapon in front of a high gain amp, really tidies up the bass and brings punch and definition.

  1. Daniel Rickler Januar 26, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Schöne Page !!
    Ich hoff wir sehen uns mal wieder auf der Messe in Frankfurt oder sowas !

    Lg Daniel


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